"Language and Culture: Immerse yourself." | "Lengua y Cultura: Sumérgete."

The Colibri Spanish School in Matagalpa, Nicaragua offers three different packages with a varied number of hours each week, including one on one Spanish classes, Home stay, Study materials and Socio-cultural activities.

Brief Description:

This option is ideal for those wishing to dedicate themselves completely to Spanish language learning and develop a more complete understanding of our culture. Schedules are established by Colibri Spanish School, and include a mixture of language learning, cultural immersion, and fun.

These packages includes:

  • One-on-one or group Spanish classes
  • Fixed class schedule: mornings or according to Colibri Spanish School calendar
  • A homestay with a Matagalpan family with three meals a day included.
  • Five activities in the afternoon and an activity to share with other students.
  • Study materials: books, authentic exercises, readings
  • Types of Socio-cultural activities: Historical, Social development, self-care and nature.
  • Placement in an appropriate level (basic, intermediate, advanced)
  • Practical lessons outside the classroom (optional)
  • Classes on Nicaraguan speech (optional)


Package 15 hours Spanish Classes: US $308.00

Package 20 hours Spanish Classes: US $354.00

Package 30 hours Spanish Classes: US $449.00

Important observation for students with packages: 

  • For the 15 hour package, we take a 15 minute break from class activities.
  • For 20 and 30 hour packages, we take a 15 or 20 minutes break from class.
  • All socio-cultural activities are programmed monthly and are completed according to the programmed schedule. Each student is responsible for his/her attendance of these pre-planned activities. If you miss one of these activities, Colibri is not obligated to re-program it for you.
  • If you would like to complete an activity that is not programmed during your stay at Colibri, you can talk to the activities coordinator to explore the possibility of completing this activity at a special student price.
  • For an idea of possible classes and activities, please see the sample program.

Good news:

  • Discounts are offered for classes of two or more people
  • Socio-cultural activities are personalized for groups and brigades with previous notice. Contact us.


* The schedule of classes and socio-cultural activities are organized by the Colibri Spanish School in Matagalpa, Nicaragua

* There is no re-scheduling or refund for socio-cultural activities in which individuals or group members did not participate in.

* Socio-cultural activities differ from month to month. Please see the monthly calendar for a list of activities

*All fees must be paid at the reception of Colibri Spanish School in Matagalpa, Nicaragua.