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Reservations for accommodations :

Spanish School Colibri offers the service Booking:

  1. Homestay
  2. Hotels and Apartments

Accommodation in homes with families:

We work with families, most of them with more than 10 years of experience staying at their home. They are very friendly people, talkative, like to help their guests with tasks and integrate Spanish / as family activities. With them you can learn about national culture and enjoy the delicius Nicaraguan food.

With the accommodation we offer three meals, if you are vegetarian, vegan or suffer from any allergies, the family will take care of you preparing adequate, and nutritious food with local products If you have a special diet is strictly necessary to pay a premium, which is specified depending on what you need. You also have the option to buy or prepare yourself.

Within the family you will have all the basic facilities needed for a comfortable stay. As an extra service, the families offer laundry and ironing.

Service payments :

  • US $ 100.00 dollars per week (7 nights and 7 days).
  • US $ 18.00 per day extra, you pay at the reception Spanish School Colibri, which includes a night and a day with three meals.
  • Accommodation without meals $70

  • Accommodation without meals; rights to use the kidchen (gas, soap, trastes, jabón) $80
  • Accommodation for children / children under 5 $ 50 (price includes 3 meals per day)
  • Accommodation for children / over 6 years $ 100 (price includes 3 meals per day)
  • Accommodation for pets (dogs, cats) $ 40; The pet owner takes care of and buys food for it.
  • Extra services are priced, laundry four US dollars ($4.00) a dozen, and ironing four US dollars ($4.00) per dozen. If you want to wash your clothes for yourself the cost is half that established two dollars ($2.00), for use soap and water. Payment is made directly to the owner of the family.
  • For a very strict diet which should include special foods, this does not include vegetarians and vegans, the guest must pay an extra specified depending on what you need.
  • In case of damaging any appliance or furniture you should pay for this. If you were provided a house key and los , please pay the owner of the house two dollars for each lost key.
  • Accommodation with families without food $70 per week.
  • Payment of accommodation is made in the front office of Spanish Colibri, pay the cost of the package at the beginning of the week and can pay Colibri familie .

Hotels and apartments:


In Colibri we perform booking for hotels and apartments for our students.

The reservation of the apartments depends largely on the availability of apartments with whom we have contact.