"Language and Culture: Immerse yourself." | "Lengua y Cultura: Sumérgete."

We work with families have been hosting guests in their home for over 10 years. They are very friendly people who can teach you a lot about Nicaraguan culture and who will keep you well fed with their delicious food.

The most outstanding characteristic about the Nicaraguan people is their kindness, which you will notice almost immediately because they are always helpful and will offer you their friendship without hesitation. So, you will feel at home very easy! Your home-stay plan offers three meals a day, bed-changing once a week, towels, toilet paper, soap.

When we have the reservation with the household we sent you the information for the house: address, a map of the city, telephone and a general description of the family.

Some important things to consider before deciding to stay with a family:

* Generally speaking, Nicaraguan families are large; usually there are more than four family members in one house.
* The majority of Nicaragua homes have children. We have contact with two families that do not.
* While there are some exceptions, Nicaraguans like to have pets, so there are almost always dogs, cats, and parrots.
* Matagalpa is a mountainous city. Most residential areas are on steep streets
* Though two of the hourses offer rooms with a private bathroom, it is possible you may have a shared bathroom.
* The famililes are a middle-class family, but please keep in mind that they are Nicaraguan middle-class.
* Most of the families have two guest rooms, so don’t be surprised to share the house with a fellow visitor.

And also is good to know:
* As an extra service, laundry is $4 for a dozen pieces and ironing is $4 a dozen. If you have a very strict, special diet you will be required to pay the extra cost so that Marlene can buy the specific foods that you need.
* The houses have all the basic utilities, generally in very good condition.
* Most of the families offer internet access.
* In some houses you can use the refrigerator.