"Language and Culture: Immerse yourself." | "Lengua y Cultura: Sumérgete."

Prices for groups:

* 2 People------> US$ 20 per hour (US$ 10 per person)

* 3 people------> US$ 27 per hour (US$ 9 per person)

* 4 people------> US$ 32 per hour (US$ 8 per person)

This option include:

* Two “real-life” language activities during class hours. Authentic activities with practical language instruction (optional)

* Workbook*

* Readings and Learning materials with authentic exercises

* Participation in Colibrí Spanish School activities: Spanish language games, traditional Nicaraguan food tasting, yoga, dancing, group forums on topics of interest, Latin American films, art workshops, recycling, etc.

* Language proficiency assessment in order to begin or continue the student´s language learning at an appropriate level

* Nicaraguan speech (optional)


1. *The workbook is free for groups receiving more than 10 hours of class; for students receiving 10 hours or less, the workbook is an additional cost of US $20.

2. Maximum number of people in a group is four, in order to ensure the quality of our personalised teaching methodology.

3. Discounts are available for groups staying longer than five days. Discounts are also available for groups doing volunteer work in Matagalpa.


* Students have the option of living with a Matagalpan family with three meals a day included.

* Classes on Nicaraguan speech (Optional)

*. Individual students wishing to participate in activities designed exclusively for students with packages can participate paying an special cost for students.