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Notes about the schedule:


  • The Colibrí Spanish School has a monthly program for the socio-cultural activities.

  • If you do not participate in these planned activities, the activity cannot be rescheduled and therefore we do not refund money.

  • The outside activities are done according to the schedules of the places being visited; for example, visits to the Guanuca Cultural Center begin at 8:00pm on saturday night when their evening events are planned for the public.

  • Students pay their own food and drink in every place we visit.

  • Every Tuesday after cooking classes we have a special activity to share along with Nicaraguan food tasting at 5:00pm.

  • Every Wednesday we have Latin American films.

  • Groups can request topics according to their interests for the discussion activities.

  • We organize any time discussion groups depending on the interest of the students we have.

  • Monthly we have outdoor activities to a special tour destination, for example, a visit to the indigenous weavers’ community El Chile; a hiking to the natural reserve Cerro Apante, Visit to Selva Negra farm and hotel, etc.

  • We also incorporate special activities like local parties, religious celebrations, etc

  • For extra activities: If you are a student at Colibrí Spanish School and wish to do an activity is not scheduled during your time at the school, we can organize this at extra cost. $10 or $15 dollars depending on the activity. For some destinations a minimum number of students is required.

  • Most of the time we use public transportation, though we do use private vehicles on limited occasions.

  • We share a building with the tour operator Matagalpa Tours, where you can access information about tour destinations and possible activities in the area. There are also guide books in the library. For further information just ask.

  • We do our best to comply with every aspect of the program, but for reasons out of our control (i.e., inclement weather) we cannot offer guarantees.