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I really enjoyed my 2 weeks in Matagalpa and it is a beautiful city and people in Nicaragua are very friendly. I would love to come back and take more classes in Spanish. My Profesor Hayzel is excellent, friendly and it was a pleasure beins her student. Her teachins method was excellent and I will miss Nicaragua. AZIM KARIM - MIAMI, FLORIDA

Reviewed October 9, 2015

I visited this place on my short trip (suppose to be) to Matagalpa, and next day I decided to stay longer and study Spanish here for a week.

My debit card got locked and I had to transfer money through Western Union. The staff is friendly and understandable, and let me start the course and homestay before I made them the full payment. It was very kind and generous of them.

I learned a great deal about preterite simple and preterite imperfecto with many examples. I took only 10 hours of spanish lessons for a week so that I could do some touristy stuff and study on my own for the rest of the day. It worked out well.

They have activities in the afternoon. I felt it's little expensive but it was worth it. I just took the city tour (Zona Sur) tour with one maestra. It was very informative.

My maestra Karla is very patient and fun teacher. I really enjoyed learning from her.

I highly recommend this school.

All of the staff here are magically beautiful people. I am very grategul for Hasel teaching me Spanish this week and everyone else for making it so much fun. I'm sad to be leaving so soon but I wish all of you the very best ♥ ♥ ♥ ESTRELLA MOORE - SEATLE, WA EEUU

Estaba estudiando en la escuela por 7 semanas. Con la experiencia de vivir en una casa con una familia de Matagalpa, era un buen tiempo. Todas las maestras tienen las capacidades de enseñar español. La estructura de las clases es muy buena. Hay oportunidades de hablar escuchar, aprender gramática, jugar juegos y conversación tranquila. También cada maestra tiene un estudiante en un tiempo; una mejor experiencia. Antes de mi tiempo en la escuela, no podía hablar español. Después de las siete semanas yo podía hablar español más fácilmente con la gente de aquí. También tengo el deseo de regresar para visitar la escuela y las maestras porque son muy amables y buenas ondas. ¡Va pues! ¡Y gracias por todo! JOHN BEYER - NEW YORK, USA

I just came to Matagalpa for one week. My main goal was to improve my Spanish and stay with a family.
It has been a very good experience. My teacher made an actual lesson plan (first one after visiting 2 other language schools in different places). The lessons were structured and the one-one situation made me practice a lot. My teacher created a very warm and friendly atmosphere. For a short week of just 4 days times 3 hours I didn't get a learning book, which I think could have been included. Also, there could have been greater variety of ways of practicing the learned grammar. However, besides these minor points I think this is a great language school.
The homestay was just great! I stayed at a lovely family and would recommend this experience to everybody learning Spanish!

I studied at Colibri for 3.5 weeks and throughly enjoyed my experience. As a teacher myself, I learned so much from the 1:1 instruction and felt listened to and treated with patience and respect by the teaching team. They know their stuff and worked hard each day to provide a learning environment intimately connected to the health and well being of the community and natural environment. The school matched me with a host family that was also generous, patient, fun and the food was delicious!