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Are you looking for a quiet yet fun city to learn Spanish, in a pleasant and professional atmosphere? Imagine a place with experienced, native-speaking Spanish teachers, people who are open-minded, able to engage in critical discussion, excited to share their knowledge, language, and culture with you, and eager to learn about yours as well…. Colibrí Spanish School in Matagalpa, Nicaragua offers group and/or one-on-one Spanish classes, as well as package programs. Packages include: Spanish classes, textbooks, lodging with a Matagalpan family, and activities such as hikes through natural reserves, museum visits, tours of local organizations and business, as well as personalized activities based on your interests. At Colibrí Spanish School, we pride ourselves on being very professional while also being flexible according to the needs of each student; for this reason each class is planned in a completely personalized manner. We are located in Matagalpa, the central northern zone of Nicaragua in Central America. Named the production capital of Nicaragua, Matagalpa is a coffee producing region which is off the beaten tourist path, a community of friendly locals tucked between rolling green mountains. Nonetheless, it is very accessible and is a good starting point for exploring other cities of the country. FREE (for Spanish students): Traditional Nicaraguan dishes every Tuesday, yoga classes every Wednesday, games and dancing every Friday, planned group activities and excursions, studying materials, coffee, tea, wifi, laptops, tourist information, walks during class hours to visit museums, local markets, lookouts over the city, etc. Thanks for visiting the website of Colibrí Spanish School.