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In addition to our continuous internal professional development and general betterment of Colibri Spanish School, we maintain three permanent projects.

1. Environmental Education Project

2. Volunteer Trainers Project

3. Internal Team-Building Project

1. Environmental Education Project We are part of the Agualí Project (www.aguali.net), financed and executed by Matagalpa Tours since 2009. This project is intended to raise awareness about the importance of environmental protection, specifically among the children and adolescents of Matagalpa. In this project we put our creative talents to the test with fun, creative games and activities with an educational message.

Here is a summary of the activities that we have created:

1. The “Play Green” board game: Players advance by rolling the dice and answering a question about the environment. Adapted to children and adults.

2. A puppet show: Lussy plays the role of Anita, Diana is the Squirrel, etc.

3. Artistic Recycling Table: A space where children participate in the development of sculptures and other creations made of inorganic materials.

4. Environmental Education Video Viewing

5. Face-painting: We paint the faces of the children who participate in our activities.

2. Volunteer Trainers Project At Colibrí Spanish School, we receive a lot of talented students with a strong desire to share their knowledge and abilities with other people. In the last three years we have held a number of open trainings about interesting topics that are not readily accessible to the local population. One such training was held in 2012 with a German student who taught a photography course, which was a great success. Our latest workshop was on the management of web pages that use wordpress, and we are currently planning a workshop on filming. These activities are open to whoever wants to participate voluntarily, a chance to share one’s knowledge with those interested in learning.

3. Internal Team-Building Project (with three emphases):

a. Recreation emphasis: This consists in the execution of relationship-building activities with the staff. All of these activities are done in conjunction with the staff of Matagalpa Tours.

* Monthly sharing activity: We go to a different place once a month to share a delicious meal.

* Annual 4-5 day trip to a different tourist destination: in 2007 we went to La Flor Beach in San Juan del Sur; in 2009 we visited Ometepe Island; in 2010 we spent a week in San Juan River and El Castillo; in 2011 we visited Cocigüina Volcano, the mangrove swamps and the Father Ramos estuary; in 2012 we went to Somoto Canyon, Mombacho Volcano, and Apoyo Lagoon.

* We celebrate everyone’s birthday and we have an annual end-of-the-year party.

b. Personal and cooperative development emphasis: For the last two years we have set aside funds for assertive communication workshops, life-planning, bio-energy therapy, individual therapy, alternative medicine consultation, etc.

c. Economic empowerment emphasis: This consists in developing the staff’s ability to plan, build, and manage a business based on the principles of a peaceful culture and a supportive economy. We receive trainings on money management and business administration.