"Language and Culture: Immerse yourself." | "Lengua y Cultura: Sumérgete."

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We are a big family that provides a quality educational service with sincerity and warmth, motivated to share our culture and language. We make our school a place of personal and professional development with a focus on economic empowerment and environmental conscience.


To be in the forefront of the Spanish learning and cultural immersion. Always seeking the highest quality educational experience to our students and achieve economic, social, and environmental sustainability, i.e. a place that is autonomous, inclusive, and unpolluted.


1. QUALITY PROFESSIONAL SERVICE in every class and activity that we complete.

2. DIGNITY for our staff, in terms of both their treatment and the recognition of their abilities and potential.

3. COMMITMENT to maintain the quality of service that we advertise, and, through our work, to satisfy the needs of our clients as well as our own.

4. INCLUSION by not allowing any type of discrimination, be it racial, religious, sexual, political, or cultural.

5. ENVIRONMENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS when making business decisions, using our resources wisely, and using our artistic talents in the Environmental Education Project.

6. INNOVATION through continually improving our teaching methodology, our study materials, our way of working and living, and our physical space. One of our principal objectives here at Colibri Spanish School is to develop economic empowerment in the eight women to form the school’s staff.

Economic empowerment means developing personal autonomy, which is based on dignified salaries and excellent working conditions.


Colibri Spanish School plays an important role in the quality of life for present and future generations by preserving our natural resources and environment. This entails the responsibility of meeting certain standards in the way in which we operate as a business. Below is a summary of our environmental policies:


1. To constantly improve our operations in educational-tourism services to ensure that they involved a respect for natural resources and a commitment to protecting the environment.

2. To raise ecological awareness and knowledge about the consequences of our actions through information about good environmental practices

3. To provide basic instructions on the prevention of pollution and minimizing our environmental impact through reusing, recycling, and reduction

A- Energy-saving endeavors * All computers, printers and other electronic devices are turned off at the end of the workday. Also, all computers are turned off if left unused for over an hour. * Our workspace is organized in a way to maximize natural lighting

B- Water-saving endeavors * We use efficient irrigation systems for our plants by using alternatives to hoses. * We use rainwater for cleaning, washing, and plant-watering. * We use water filters to provide filtered water for tours in order to avoiding buying water in plastic bottles. * Paper and garbage are not thrown in the toilets.

C. Paper-saving endeavors * All internal documents are printed on clean paper only when absolutely necessary; in all other cases we reuse paper, which is placed in a convenient location to facilitate reuse. * Documents are always printed or photocopied double-sided. We take measures to ensure to use as little paper as possible.

D. Reduction of pollution of solid materials * Reuse and wise management of office supplies is encouraged among the staff. * We coordinate our efforts with local organizations to donate all recyclable materials such as aluminum, wood, cardboard, plastic, phonebooks, etc. * We use rechargeable markers * We do not use disposable plates and cups, and we always try to buy recycled materials. * All purchases are made in reusable cloth bags, and all plastic bags that come our way are reused. * We avoid buying sodas or drinks in small bottles in order to reduce our garbage production. We always try to buy reusable class bottles, etc.

E. Trainings: * Permanent programs have been designed and developed to train our staff on wise environmental management, as well as customer service, public relations, quality service, etc.