"Language and Culture: Immerse yourself." | "Lengua y Cultura: Sumérgete."

Our Faces

Jana is school's recepcionist, therefore the first contact you will have when you arrive to Colibri. You can book your classes schedule with her, ask about the city, for some recommendations of any activities you want to do during your stay in Matagalpa, paying for the services that you reserved, doing sugestions or changes according to your requirements. She makes everybody feel like home.

One of her principal virtues is being a good listener, also she is very kind, a releable person, responsable, someone of traditional values, but open to the new experiences and life. She likes to go out, visit different places of Nicaragua and she is in love with the country's gastronomy. She is very pasionate about reading, she likes police novels and fiction.

Her life's philosophy is: “You must be prepared each day like if it was the last day, but work if you would live forever”.

“Working to Colibri is a new and beautiful experience, has challenged me in new personal and profesional levels; I feel happy to continue learning in this new stage joing the group”.

“I love to know the differents cultures of the other countries, and also travel by the beauties of Nicaragua, i always consider that you never enjoy the life if you don't share with others”

Cecilia is an energetic girl who likes to learn from her students at the same time she is teaching them Spanish; her main characteristic is her loud and contagious laugh. She studied Sociology and Social Work in the College of Humanities and she has also studied some other areas related to social and trade, that´s why she is excellent at making bussines.

She started working at Colibri in 2016 as a Spanish teacher and currently she is also online Sales Responsible, so, your first contact with Colibri it is going to be with this kind girl. She finds so interesting to meet the face behind the emails, so at first sight, she feels she already knows you so well.

For “Ceci” – as she liked to be called- studying and teaching Spanish represents a new goal on her life. She is in a constant personal and professional strengthening process, because she considers people we can be better every single day.

She sees herself as a fair person, her life filosophy is “everything good you do in this life is going to be good for you, as well as everything wrong you do in this life is going to be bad for you, too”. She is an opened mind woman, interested in Politics, Gender and Education. Having studied Sociology and worked in Matagalpa rural areas, has allow her to know differents realities contrasting them for making her classes a more integral experience for the students through out their Nicaraguan cultural immersion. She is a proactive colaborater and responsible, she likes others to know, despite of her firm character, she is also flexible and believes totally on team work for making big things.

Her favorites hobbies are cooking and reading, specially novels with historical content. She enjoys a lot sharing with family and friends in and out the house; a beer with nice company always is going to come well for her.

It is notorious her exciting whenever she is assigned a new student and she prepares each day to do better.

Mayra studied language and literature at the university and loves to teach Spanish.

In addition of being instructor at Colibri,  is responsible for reproduction and review of instructional materials use at the school.

is a person of open and positive mind, her  calm energy have been with us this year since 2016, but has already been fully integrated into the Colibri family.

"I'm not afraid to change, so I try to get the most out of them enjoy talking about different topics and listen to the opinions and ideas of others listen to my students is a pleasure, because it is a new experience for me..; because they are the ones who enrich me professionally talking. There is no doubt that in every class I learn about the diversity of cultures in the world. "

Karla , is an instructor Spanish as a second language and responsible for homestays.

It's an open minded girl, patient and adaptable to any environment. Enjoys to teach her language, discuss the country's history, culture, idiosyncrasy and the Nicaraguan speech.
She values known through students about the diversity of belief, culture, ideology and other ways of life.

"For me, teamwork, communication and trust are vital factors in achieving excellence at work, both teach and coordination of accommodation with families."

"I feel very happy in Colibri, sharing every day with my coworkers and students, Colibri has taught me to value and respect every person, even more."

Hola soy Marilyn, soy instructora de español y tengo la responsabilidad de programar y ejecutar las Actividades Socioculturales de la Escuela de Español Colibrí.

Me caracterizo por ser una persona luchadora, dispuesta a los cambio positivos para mejorar mi calidad de vida y dispuesta a ampliar mis conocimientos, me gusta bailar, escuchar música, me encanta conocer lugares atractivos de Nicaragua y mi sentimiento de ser guía va mas allá de un me gusta, también algo que me atrae es la historia de mi país, interactuar e intercambiar culturas realmente es hermoso.

Me gusta mi trabajo, dar clases me da la oportunidad de ver el mundo con respeto y opinar, además de aprender, conocer la historia, tradiciones, costumbres de diferentes culturas y  los estilos de vida que identifican a una sociedad. Con las actividades socioculturales me gusta salir a caminar, recorrer la ciudad, transmitir la cultura, compartir del patrimonio histórico y disfrutar  con los estudiantes; realmente la conexión es única.

Diana  has been a Spanish teacher since 2008. She loves to talk and has great  communication skills. Diana is always interested in growing as a person and is  always looking for ways to develop her skills and knowledge. This is why she is  always involved in the extra-curricular activities offered at our school; in  her opinion, it is important that we see each other as more than co-workers.

  Diana  has a special talent in connecting with children, and her children’s classes  are a special world of creativity all their own.

  In  terms of grammar, she loves to teach the subjunctive and conditional tenses,  and in conversation her favorite topic is medicine. For Diana, being a Spanish  teacher also means learning from her students. She has a strong sense of  teamwork and collaboration, and without her energy the school simply wouldn’t  be the same.

  In  her words;I like to see the world through the eyes of my students.

Heysel,  another teacher in the Colibri team, is optimistic, open-minded, and  responsible, qualities that are immediately recognizable in her personality.  She's always open to learning about new cultures and customs. She is a  Christian and considers herself to be a traditional person.

  Heysel  has a degree in Sustainable Tourism, which she chose because of her love for  the environment and agro-ecotourism. She loves the sound of birds singing in  the morning, and loves the peace of nature.

  Heysel  says Being in Colibri Spanish School has allowed me to enrich my teamwork  skills and to widen my horizons about cultural diversity and my worldview. As a  teacher, I feel fulfilled when I see that my students are satisfied with their  learning experience of our language and culture.

Noelia Corrales founded Colibri Spanish School in 2005. She believes deeply that another world is possible: a world of diversity, with equal rights for men and women, a world free of pollution. She believes that a life without dreams and utopias is not worth living.

Some of her responsibilities in Colibrí Spanish School include answering e-mails, organizing integrated development activities for the team, and handle the legal aspect of the business as well as internal communication. She loves facilitate Biodanza, games and conversations about interesting topics for student groups.

In addition to working in the school, she works with a group of women weavers: Telares Indígenas Nicaragua located in El Chile community of Matagalpa.
A personal comment from Noelia: "Founding this Spanish school and working with it every day has been a challenge for me, not only because we are a business that ensures quality service, but also because in everything I do I try to put love, passion and energy into it, so that it is in harmony with my principles. Without a doubt, Colibri Spanish School has given me intercultural experience, has enriched my professional experience, and has been an invaluable opportunity to grow as a person."

Thanks to all those who have believed in this dream.

Esther is the most recent addition to our school.  She enjoys making coffee and tea for everyone, she takes care of the plants and she gives cooking classes to all of the students.  She has great patience and is able to  demonstrate and teach the cooking  and preparing of delicious, authentic Nicaraguan cooking.

She is a friendly woman, always kind and with a smile on her face.  She enjoys being a  member of the staff at Escuela de Español Colibri'.  She feels that she is treated as an equal among all of the staff and there is open and honest communication among all.  This is very important to her.  

In Ester's free time there are many things she likes to do:  She gives manicures and pedicures and dreams of having her own business doing this in the future. 

We are very happy to have Ester as a new member of our school We have known and loved her for many years before she joined the staff  at Escuela de Español Colibri'.   Welcome Ester!!!

Odelba has been a Spanish teacher since 2008. Before working at Colibri, she studied  Psychology, but her love for the Spanish language has sent her back to the  university, where she is currently studying Spanish Language and Literature.

  Odelba  is a good example of a person who loves reading, a person who connects to the  world through books. Her favorite authors include Gioconda Belli, Eduardo  Galeano, Herman Hesse, and other great literary figures who touch on social and  political topics. She combines her professional life as a Spanish teacher with  her work as a masseuse. In her words, massage therapy ist work; it's a  pleasure to connect with another person through self-care and self-respect.

  In  addition to her teaching, Odelba is the school coordinator. She has a strong  sense of responsibility and professionalism. She loves to talk about politics,  religion, personal growth, education, social responsibility, psychology, and  many other topics.

  She  says she likes to teach Spanish because “it gives me the chance to share my  knowledge while at the same time learning about the knowledge, experiences, and  feelings of my students. Teaching means being a part of the growth of other  people and that gives me a lot of satisfaction.