"Language and Culture: Immerse yourself." | "Lengua y Cultura: Sumérgete."

We are located in the beautiful and fresh city of Matagalpa, on a side street near the central street of the banks. Address: From BANPRO (National Bank of Production) half a block east, in front of the Matagalpa Social Club. (We share offices with Matagalpa Tours and Telares Nicaragua Handicraft Shop.) Postal code: 40 Telephone: (+505) 2772-0108 FREE (+505) 2772-0108 Mobile phone: (+505) 8654-4824 FREE (+505) 8654-4824

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How to get to us? How to find Colibrí Spanish School:

1. From Managua to Matagalpa:
2. From Managua by bus
3. From the Airport in Managua by bus

4. If you are already in Matagalpa


1. From Managua to Matagalpa:

Transfer to Matagalpa: Colibrí Spanish School offers you direct transfer from the airport to the place where you will stay in Matagalpa, whatever day of the week and at whatever time you request. US$ 90 dollars from the airport US$ 100 dollars from any place in Managua or Leon US$ 110 dollars from Granada Rent a car: It is possible to rent a car from the airport. To rent a car you must have a valid driver’s license from your country of origin or residency, and a credit card.

2. From Managua by bus:
- You must take the bus from the bus station which is called El Mayoreo. - At the bus station, which is also a market you can take an express bus (which does not stop during the journey, going directly to Matagalpa), or you can take a regular bus (which stops in every city and small town along the way. -Time table: Express and regular buses: Leave every hour From 4:00am until 6.30pm - Journey time: Express: 2 hours Regular: 2 ½ hours - Prices: Express: C$ 72.00 US $ 3.02 Regular: C$ 53.00 US $ 2.52

3. From the airport in Managua:
The regular and express buses stop in front of the airport which allows you to go directly to Matagalpa and avoid entering the capital city of Managua. To take the bus from the airport you must go to the Pan American highway, which is parallel to the Airport. Once on the sidewalk you must flag down the buses which have “Matagalpa” written on the front of the bus in large letters. Usually they will stop, however if they do not stop, it is because they are full. You must wait for the next bus which is likely to pass within half an hour.

4. If you are already in Matagalpa:
Our school shares office space with the local tour operator “Matagalpa Tours”, so an easy way to find us is, by asking for directions to MATAGALPA TOURS. If you arrive to the South bus station, you can take a taxi for the cost of no more than US $ 0.50 dollars. You must say the following phrase to the taxi driver: “Me puede llevar a Matagalpa Tours, del BANPRO ½ cuadra al este, por favor,”. If you prefer to walk, all you have to do is look for the North of the city and always ask for BANPRO. Whoever you ask will tell you how to arrive. The southern bus station is roughly fifteen blocks from the Spanish school. Matagalpa is a small city where it is easy and pleasant to walk around, the population is friendly and the climate is agreeable, as even in the summer months it is cooler here than cities in the west of the country.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO BE EXTRA CAREFUL AT NIGHT IN MATAGALPA AND IN ANY CITY THAT YOU MAY VISIT. Our Classrooms: Our colonial style office building is a cool and pleasant place to study and to culturally immerse oneself, with a beautiful garden setting and private classrooms. Our classrooms are uniquely designed with the following features: * Open- air study space, surrounded by plants in the middle of the garden. * Private classroom areas for personalized attention. * Spacious, comfortable, cool, well- ventilated and with the perfect conditions to study. * Artistic Nicaraguan décor with a simple and pleasant style. * The Colibrí study space gives a sense of tranquility and oneness with nature. Whilst you are in class, you can expect to see and hear a wide variety of birds from this area which inhabit our trees. You will also be able to enjoy the many different plants that we are cultivating in our garden. If you receive a class in this space, you will not want to return inside a classroom the next time around!

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