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In Colibri Spanish School we use a completely personalized methodology that takes into account the student’s level of knowledge of Spanish upon entering the school as well as the specific needs that come up during the teaching-learning process.

Our levels of classification allow us to select materials and place students (in the case of groups):


Studen Feature

A1 (Beginner):

Students with no previous knowledge at all

A2 (Basic):

Students with some basic knowledge or whose native language is a Romance language (French, Italian, Romanian, or Portuguese).

B1 (Low Intermediate):

Students whose linguistic abilities allow them to handle most situations of everyday life or immediate need.

B2 (High Intermediate):

Students who understand and express themselves moderate fluency and can manage most communicative situations; these students can make clear, simple statements about familiar topics and describe and explain their experiences, opinions and plans.

C1 (Advanced):

Students who can use a wide variety of structures in Spanish, express themselves with relative accuracy in terms of grammar, vocabulary, and syntax in both oral and written form, and who have a high level of comprehension of oral and written input on general topics.

C2 (Superior):

Students who have mastered structures necessary for oral and written expression and understand oral and written language on general topics with little to no difficulty; these students have sufficient ability to handle different genres of speech and understand implicit or hidden meaning in language. This level is designed for students who wish to deepen their knowledge of technical language or jargon or who would like to improve their understanding of linguistic idiosyncrasies specific to Nicaragua