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Do students have a private room in the families’ houses?
The Colibrí Spanish School has established a network of families who are eager to receive students in their homes. You will have several options to choose from, so that you fit in well and feel comfortable. Each family will provide you with a private room - a clean, simple and independent space that you can call your own. They will also prepare three meals a day for you. As well as the standard Nicaraguan cuisine, you can also opt for a vegetarian diet if you prefer.
Please keep in mind that most Nicaraguan families, have a fairly basic standard of living conditions.

What happens if a student doesn’t feel good with the family where she or he is staying?
You have the option of changing to another family home.

How far is the school from the place I will be staying?
Matagalpa is relatively small. The family houses are between 7 and 15 blocks from the School, all located in the same part of town..

Will there be other students in the home where I will be staying?
Normally we locate one student in each house, but we also have the option of families who can take up to four students at one time, depending on your preference.

Can I stay at the family home on weekends?
The contract with the family homes is for seven days of the week. You may begin your stay at your convenience, even at stay mid-week.

Do the families providing housing speak English?
We feel that staying in family homes is one of the best ways to speed up the language acquisition process, and also helps students learn about our customs and culture, as students need to listen to Spanish constantly. In some families there may be someone who speaks English, but we do not take this into account when selecting the family homes.

Do I have to bring bed linen or blankets for my room?
No, there’s no need, as the families provide sheets, pillowcases and blankets or covers.

What other options do I have for lodging in Matagalpa?
There are several hotels available. We can give you information about this if you need it. Top


Are the teachers Nicaraguan?
All courses are taught by skilled Nicaraguan teachers with a solid background in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Do the teachers speak English?
Based on our experience, we offer classes involving total immersion in Spanish. However, our teachers are trained to communicate in English if need be. Top


What’s the timetable of classes in the package?
The Colibrí Spanish School offers three different course options with very flexible timetables according to your needs. You can decide the number of classroom hours you would like to receive each week, according to your available time and your learning needs.
If you need classes on Sundays, or on weekdays before 8:00 am or after 6:00 pm, this may be subject to our teachers´ availability. However, we are general open to negotiate with students.

What are the dates of your courses?
The opportunity to study at the Colibri Spanish School is always open. For this reason we have both flexible course in your free time and packages for staying with Matagalpan families.
The only courses that have beginning and ending dates are our programmed courses.Top


What are the materials like for the courses?
We have our own study materials. The Colibrí Spanish School has created eight manuals for different levels.
Our students work with a creative variety of written exercises, activities for developing language through conversation, images, grammar exercises and reading with a diversity of contents including articles, narrative texts, critical analysis, news items, and books among other sources.

Are the materials included in the costs of the course?
At the beginning of the course we facilitate a manual according to the students skills level as well as practical exercises used in each class.Top


Are the courses offered on an individual basis or in groups?
We offer both individual and group classes. We have experience in working with groups although at the moment we do not have a specific group scheduled.
Group teaching also present the problem that most students come with different levels of language skill and they organize their schedules according to their own needs. We can, however, bring two or more people together to form a group if students are interested in learning together.

How many people are in group classes?
The maximum size is 4 people, with the aim of maintaining the close interpersonal relationships that small group work permits between teachers and students.

How many classes should I attend?
This depends on the course option you choose.

Are all course levels being run at this time?
At the moment we are running beginners, intermediate and advanced courses. For upcoming group courses please check out the course programme for this year.Top


What other activities can I be involved in after class?
Some ideas are: dance classes, workout facilities and aerobics classes, and volunteer work.
Matagalpa is a city with lots of nightlife, especially on the weekends.
There are many different places where you can go to enjoy yourself.

What is the timetable for activities?
It depends on class schedules. We organize trips together (teachers and students). One of principles is: organization with flexibility.

Is it possible to go on trips only with students?
If there are other student interested we can arrange this, but we can also make arrangements for individuals.Top


How old are the students?
We’ve had adolescent students as young as 13 years old and adults up to 75 years old.

What are the countries of origin of most students?
Student come from a wide variety of origins, but most frequently they are from Holland, Germany, the U.S., Canada and Norway. Top