"Language and Culture: Immerse yourself." | "Lengua y Cultura: Sumérgete."
Ever since we began our work as Spanish instructors and formed Colibrí Spanish School as a business, we have worked with a democratic vision of fairly traded labor. 
The traditional idea of a business went against our principles, so we decided to create a workplace in which all of the employees participated in decision-making, where all financial matters were completely transparent, and where everyone´s labor rights were respected. 
Our dream of a better world includes dignified work that makes us feel important and that is in harmony with our rights. Together we have built a business where working is a pleasure. 
As proud creators of this workplace, we would like to share some information about how we manage our business:
- All Spanish instructors earn 35% of the total profit of the business
- We evaluate our financial situation and together we make decisions about how to improve. 
- A percentage of our funds goes toward our own personal development, which we call THE INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT FUND; for example, we pay 50% in psychological consultation, 30% for natural medicine consultations (the healthcare system of Nicaragua does not cover alternative medicine), trainings for all personnel different areas, etc.
- If an employee has an economic need, he or she can access the business’s funds, to be paid back over time with no interest. 
- Once a year we take a trip to a tourist destination in Nicaragua for the purpose of spending time together as a team, solidifying our relationships, and exploring our own country. 
- Once a month we have a special dinner to enjoy each other´s company. 
- We meet together in order to see each other as people and less as co-workers. Because of this we can openly express how we feel and what we want. 
Without a doubt, WE ARE A BIG FAMILY, and our business is a place to learn Spanish and much, much more.