"Language and Culture: Immerse yourself." | "Lengua y Cultura: Sumérgete."

All activities completed during class hours are intended to put into practice the content and vocabulary that you have learned. These activities are mutually agreed upon between teacher and student and are part of our communicative and practical methodology.

Some such activities are:

THEMATIC REAL-LIFE CLASSES These classes are designed to allow the student to use the language practiced in class in a real-life situation. According to the students level and interests, student and teacher choose a topic, study it in class, and then visit a place in town where the student will perform an activity. Some of the topics and places include:

  • Informal workers in Morazan Park: shoe-shiners, street vendors, etc.
  • Matagalpan History: Bank Street, Yaguare neighborhood, Monument of Heroes and Martyrs
  • Religion: the Cathedral, San Jose Church, evangelical churches
  • University education: UCAN, UNN, etc.
  • Culture: the Matagalpan House of Culture.

TRAVELING ON LOCAL BUSES: A trip to the regional hospital on a local bus, as well as to Sor María Romero neighborhood and the Apante Virgin Lookout.

CLASSES OUTSIDE OF THE CLASSROOM One on one class in one of the cafes or in a bar or in La Antorche Ecológica


* Walk down the street of the banks

* Walk in the center of the city

* With one-to-one course: Cemetery, marking North, South Market


City elements: a walk through the streets;

Fruits and vegetables: a trip to Campesino Market and nearby fruit stands

Directions: student follows given directions from the school to a point in town

Physical descriptions: people-watching in the park.

Shapes and sizes: describing houses and objects in town.