"Language and Culture: Immerse yourself." | "Lengua y Cultura: Sumérgete."

About us and a little of our philosophy:

Colibrí Spanish School began to operate in 2005 and as a formal business in 2010 with two teachers creating our own employment and avoid leaving Nicaragua in search of jobs. Since then we have grown into a team of ten women with a vision of empowerment, dignified work, democracy, and fair trade. We are enthusiastic people, delighted to teach tools for communication and all the idiosyncrasies of the Spanish as a second language (SSL) at all levels, always with an emphasis on Nicaraguan culture, customs and traditions, enrich yourself culturally.

We have made our Spanish School in Nicaragua more than just our workplace; we are a family. We are proud to have a warm and inviting home that is open to everyone. Colibrí is a space where we have the opportunity to reach our goals of personal and economic autonomy. In other words, it is a place of empowerment for us as women, with “empowerment” being defined as the process of becoming aware of and recognizing our power to be the decision-makers in our lives. We are aware that economic empowerment is an important element of being a self-sufficient individual. Being able to negotiate our own resources is a primary goal of Colibrí.

We are a Spanish as a second language (SSL) school that offers dynamic classes in order to learn Spanish quickly and efficiently. We offer a warm and inviting atmosphere providing you with the necessary linguistic tools to communicate, enrich yourself culturally, and learn about Nicaraguan customs and traditions.

MATAGALPA SPANISH SCHOOL OR COLIBRI SPANISH SCHOOL? Colibri or Matagalpa? We are the same school! Allow us to tell you a little about our history...

In 2005 we founded Matagalpa Spanish School and Matagalpa Tours. We functioned as one business during the first three years, giving both tours and Spanish lessons to our clients. In 2008 we decided to separate the two on an administrative level, while continuing to share the same workspace and logo: the kapok tree. We were created together, and we continue to share our work, celebrations, personal trials, and mutual affection for one another. For these reasons, among others, Matagalpa Tours will always be our sister institution. Today, we eight women run the Spanish school, and we feel happy and proud to call ourselves Colibri (hummingbird). Moreover, we identify with this bird: its beauty, its small size, its rapid movement, its brilliant and colorful feathers; that it is indigenous to Latin America, that it dies when one takes away its freedom, that it inspires artists; that it was a symbol of the sun for our ancestors, representing fertility and masculine energy—energy that we need in our school in order to reach a greater harmony with the universe.