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Definitely not. Part of our values to put prices to our services, are:

* One of our principal objectives here at Colibri Spanish School is to develop economic empowerment in the eight wome to form the school’s staff. Economic empowerment means developing personal autonomy, which is based on dignified salaries and excellent working conditions.

* We are a small school of six teachers and covering our monthly expenses of more than $3,700 is not easy. 35% percent of your net pay goes to the teacher; 45% to pay for the locale, taxes, administrative expenses, and social security; 10% goes to Internal Team-Building Project and Environmental Education. The final percent goes toward our savings fund with the goal of building our own facilities in the future.

* We have a high value of social justice and human development. Our school is more than a workplace. We allocate a hight percent of our profit to personal development, training and recreation, also we invest in social work focused on environment and till now we do not know any school paying salaries as we do.

* We also believe that homestay families should receive fair payment for each person housed and that the family should not be compensated only for the economic costs incurred by having a new member in the family, but also by the addition of another person sharing their living space. We don't earn commission for this service Our goal is not to compete with other schools to offer the lowest prices around.

Rather, we believe in a living wage for our team and in creating businesses that will improve our economic situation, not drain it.