"Language and Culture: Immerse yourself." | "Lengua y Cultura: Sumérgete."

Advantages of studying in Matagalpa, Nicaragua:

* Matagalpa is well known as a peaceful city and has all the necessary amenities such as: banks, internet cafés, restaurants, cultural centres, bars, discos, shops, markets, supermarkets, police station, hospitals and private medical clinics, tourist information centers and tour operators etc. for your convenience.

* We are in the centre of Nicaragua within easy reach of other major cities. You can visit any place you wish with ease by taking a bus from the bus station here in Matagalpa. You can also use public transport to visit cities on the western side of the country via the pan-American highway or you can visit rural areas towards the North or East of Matagalpa.

* We are in the centre of Nicaragua within easy reach of other major cities. You can visit any place you wish with ease by in the most mountainous and cool region in Nicaragua.

* It is a city surrounded by hills and there are many rivers and waterfalls close by which offers good opportunities for hiking in the mountains, horseback riding and swimming.

* Matagalpa is in the heart of the country’s coffee producing region. Here you can get to see and learn first-hand about how coffee is produced and marketed.

* Matagalpa is one of the less frequented tourist destinations, which means students have the opportunity to communicate with local people and to practise Spanish every day more than in other Nicaragua cities.


Advantages of studying Spanish in Colibri, Nicaragua:

* We offer tailor-made classes and a study programme planned around your language needs. Our methodology combines diverse activities that facilitate the learning process and make your classes fun, with theory, reading, music, games, conversation, socio-cultural activities, tours to local tourist sites, movies, etc. * We are experienced in teaching Spanish to groups and organizing activities during and after Spanish Classes.

* Our teaching team is made up of women all of whom have studied at university level, with capacity to discuss various issues on the national reality; have had experiencing teaching Spanish as a second language and highly motivated by our work and committed to our students.

* Our teachers receive good salaries; they also have freedom to introduce additional teaching materials, allowing for both your and their creativity and imagination. We are known for our good team work, mutual collaboration and personal warmth in our interaction with students.

* All our teachers are native Matagalpans, and very familiar with local and national culture. This enables students to be immediately immersed in Nicaraguan culture.

* We have an open air study space in the best part of the school: the our back patio and garden. Our classrooms are private, spacious, cool, comfortable and well ventilated with lots of natural light. * Open-minded and professional people.

* Students receive specific material according to their language level. We have developed our own study materials and, it's good to say, they are excellents!

* You have the opportunity to live with a local Matagalpan family carefully selected to receive students learning Spanish as a second language. We offer packages including room and board with families chosen for the friendliness of their homes, their warm spirit and hospitality – a typical trait of people from the North of the country.

* A high percentage of class material focuses on improving communication and conversation skills in general and on your ability to understand conversational Spanish.

* You can combine classes with volunteer work and/or tours to local tourist destinations.

* We guarantee flexibility in your study programme on a daily or weekly basis to ensure sufficient class hours.

* We have Internet access and wireless and laptos for our students.

* We also offer the option of classes on Nicaraguan culture and idiosyncrasies, popular expressions, Northern Nicaraguan pronunciation and specific Nicaraguan speech in general.