"Language and Culture: Immerse yourself." | "Lengua y Cultura: Sumérgete."

We are located in Matagalpa, the central northern zone of Nicaragua in Central America, named the production capital of Nicaragua, Matagalpa is a coffee producing region which is off the beaten tourist path, a community of friendly locals tucked between rolling green mountains. Nonetheless, it is very accessible and is a good starting point for exploring other cities of the country.

  • Private & Group Spanish Classes

  • Excellent Study Aids & Materials

  • Socio-cultural Activities such as: Cooking, Dancing, Hiking & more...

  • Hikking

  • Personalized methodology, professional and dynamic class sessions.

  • A unique place to study Spanish, experience cultural immersion in Nicaragua and more...

  • A mountain city with fresh air and a safe environment.

  • Free: wifi, Nicaraguan food tasting, yoga classes, coffee, tea.

Are you looking for a fun, pleasant, professional, and dynamic place to study Spanish? Come to the Colibrí Spanish School. Imagine a place with credentialed, native Spanish language teachers who are open-minded and able to engage in critical discussions; trained professionals who are excited to engage in cultural exchanges.

Colibri Spanish School in Matagalpa, Nicaragua offers group and/or private Spanish classes, as well as customized package programs . Packages include: Spanish classes, textbooks, lodging with a Matagalpan family, activities such as hikes through natural reserves, museum visits, tours of local organizations and businesses, as well as personalized activities based on your interests. FREE (for Spanish students): Traditional Nicaraguan dishes every Tuesday, yoga classes every Wednesday, games and dancing every Friday, planned group activities and excursions, studying materials, coffee, tea, wifi, laptops, tourist information, walks during class hours to visit museums, local markets, lookouts over the city, etc.

Thanks for visiting the website of Colibri Spanish School in Nicaragua. Colibri or Matagalpa? We are the same school! Allow us to tell you a little about our history... In 2005 we founded Matagalpa Spanish School and Matagalpa Tours. We functioned as one business during the first three years, giving both tours and Spanish lessons to our clients. In 2008 we decided to separate the two on an administrative level, while continuing to share the same workspace and logo: the kapok tree. We were created together, and we continue to share our work, celebrations, personal trials, and mutual affection for one another. For these reasons, among others, Matagalpa Tours will always be our sister institution. Today, we eight women run the Spanish school, and we feel happy and proud to call ourselves Colibri (hummingbird). Moreover, we identify with this bird: its beauty, its small size, its rapid movement, its brilliant and colorful feathers; that it is indigenous to Latin America, that it dies when one takes away its freedom, that it inspires artists; that it was a symbol of the sun for our ancestors, representing fertility and masculine energy that we need in our school in order to reach a greater harmony with the universe.